What is SEO on page?

Search engine optimization (SEO) encompasses various actions aimed at improving the relevance and authority of your website, achieving a better position in organic results within the most used search engines, such as Google. Within the SEO we find divisions that seek to organize the techniques according to a criterion, in this way we get with the SEO on page, which refers to all the optimizations that can be made within the website itself, with the aim of benefit the organic positioning.
That is, if you have a web page, the actions that depend on you, directly, are those that are categorized as SEO on page (“on page” means “on page”).
With the SEO on page the search engines are facilitated, since these actions are directed to the indexation of the pages happening quickly, and be classified with a good score. In a more colloquial way it could be said that on page actions seek to explain to Google the purpose of a web page, in an educated manner.
It should be noted that, within the internet, one must be “educated”, by this we mean that we can not break the rules of the search engines, duplicating content, using key words …
Does SEO on page work?seo barcelona
There are many who work with SEO that “ensure” that the on page does not work when positioning a web page. Within the SEO strategy is given a leading role to the creation of inbound links, and although we can not deny that they are necessary for positioning in competitive words, the effectiveness of these links will be increased if the on page is well executed inside the web.
In addition, in few competitive words, we can position ourselves using only on page techniques.
On the other hand, work on page is necessary, since it is very unlikely that a website will be able to position itself without having a minimum of it.
We must understand that Google needs to classify the pages, to know what to show when a user performs a search, everyone who works with SEO, should be interested because Google can easily find your website, and offer an image of relevance, giving you to understand what to offer Useful content for users.
Within the techniques on page we have: correct use of keywords, use of tags, rich snippets, internal links, outbound links, among others.

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