What is SEO?

Doing a quick Google search on what SEO is, we will find that most definitions focus on the following two aspects:

Obtain the first positions in the organic searches of the users (that is, without considering the sponsored or paid advertisements).
Description of the most relevant factors that influence the positioning of a web page.

Although they also name the user experience and the importance that increasingly has for search engines, they do not go into much more detail than to have a quick and easy to navigate website, and have quality content as say agencia seo.

In general, these definitions are based on the classic view of SEO, in which searchers tracked and indexed the pages based on a set of parameters in which the matching of keywords and the number of inbound links played the main role.

It’s not that these parameters have now lost all that value, but nowadays search engines are much more than mere web page collectors and keyword counters and inbound links.

And we must have this very clear to understand what is, with current technology, SEO and what we can do to get users to visit our pages and, most importantly, be satisfied with them and not go looking for other pages.
In this context, how could we define what SEO is then?

Instead of using concepts (such as increasing browsing speed, appearing in the top positions or having inbound links) that are actually used to measure the effectiveness of our SEO, the following definition focuses the SEO actions around the needs and User behavior:

SEO is the set of strategies necessary for us to find easily the users that look for something that we can offer them ”

What emphasizes this definition of SEO is that a website optimized for organic searches must meet the needs of the user and be adapted to their behavior. It is not enough that the first one comes out for certain keywords.
Like any strategy, SEO does not have a fixed execution pattern, but must adapt to the characteristics of both the user that we want to find us, and the conditions of the sector to which we are going (ie, the competition, those that offer something similar to us).

Yes there will be some general guidelines, with SEO techniques and tools that we will see in this article, but that we will have to adapt to the circumstances of each case. Put another way: there is no universal “SEO recipe” that always works.

Now let’s see what are the objectives of SEO and what are the most important factors of web positioning that we have to consider in the face of Google.

All this will make you see that the work of an SEO Consultant is not easy and that training in this discipline is something that requires a lot of time.

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