What is the Rhinoplasty or Aesthetic Surgery of the Nose?

The Nose Rhinoplasty or Cosmetic Surgery is performed by our plastic surgeons (member of the Spanish Society of Plastic, Reparative and Cosmetic Surgery (SECPRE)) with many years of experience in said specialty and in one of the most prestigious clinics of Barcelona, ​​the International Center for Advanced Medicine (CIMA).

Taking into account that the nose is the part of the most prominent face and in which the more people look after the eyes, the Nose or Rhinoplasty Surgery is a three-dimensional surgical intervention that consists in modifying the Full structure of the nose (meaning length, width, projection and total size), which is mainly requested by people of both sexes due to aesthetic problems.

In this category, there are also corrective surgeries of problems and / or congenital traumatisms and the solution of respiratory difficulties.

In the tradition of cosmetic surgery is one of the most studied operations and every year thousands of people have reformed their noses, without having any major problems and are satisfied with the results

In all cases, the objective pursued is to achieve a natural-looking nose harmoniously integrated into the rest of the face, with the least amount of possible retouch (in order to disguise the surgical procedure).

“The Rhinoplasty or Cosmetic Surgery of the Nose. It is an aesthetic surgical procedure that is requested both by men and women, to shape and give a more anatomical shape to the nose as say the medical center rinoplastia barcelona.

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