What to Trust in the Online Scene of the International Schools

Amanda is getting ready to work from home, preparing her coffee and reading the news about the new confinement measurements taken by the government in its fight against COVID-19. 


She also checks the latest information coming from her daughter’s school, which moved to an entirely online teaching model a week before. The students at the school are still adjusting to the remote learning model, but Amanda’s confident in the school’s management and resources, and trusts they will be able to continue to deliver a high-quality education for as long as the situation requires it.

As Amanda sits at her desk reading, an unsettling thought crosses her mind: what if she hadn’t selected that school for her daughter?

She thinks about the moment, a few years back, when she had to plan and manage her family’s move abroad. With a husband and three children, the list of things to sort out seemed infinite: dealing with the relocation and moving companies, deciding what to bring with them and what to leave behind, selling the car, renting their house, finding a new home, saying goodbye to loved ones. Wow, there were so many farewells… 

Above everything else, there was one thing which was causing her an unbelievable amount of stress: picking the right school for her children. Who knew there were THAT many international schools? And how was she supposed to navigate what seemed like an infinite number of websites and separate key and trustful information from promotional content, which might be inaccurate?

On the surface, all international schools appeared to be good fits:

  • Smaller schools, where her children could form part of a family-oriented community
  • Bigger schools with state-of-the-art facilities, where all her children would study at the same campus
  • International schools with broader offers of sports and extra-curricular activities
  • Academically focused schools with highly qualified teachers
  • Schools employing a holistic approach, where the development of the student as an individual is the focus

She remembers feeling completely overwhelmed and lost, not knowing how to make such an important decision.

At the time, she would’ve loved a personal recommendation from a familiar and trustworthy source. Instead, she had to solely rely on her company’s referral, which turned out not to be best.

Fortunately, nowadays, Amanda would’ve had that personal recommendation that she wanted.

She would’ve checked SCHOOL IN, an online community based on parent-to-parent feedback, with ratings and reviews of international schools. The unique platform allows parents around the world to share their experiences and recommendations about the international schools that they know. 

Amanda trusts SCHOOL IN because it’s unbiased, the reviews are based on the real-world experiences of parents like her, alumni and employees of the schools, without any promotional or commercial interest.

Amanda remembers she had forgotten to add a review of the last international school that her daughter attended. She goes to schoolinreviews.com, types a review and voilà, she can see the city, the name of the school, and her comments. Well done, Amanda! That only took two minutes and it will be of huge help to other parents getting ready for their move.

And with this happy feeling, Amanda returns to her work emails…

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