What You Need To Know About Apple’s New MacOS System Update, Big Sur.


It was only just recently on November 12th, that Apple finally announced its new system update macOS 11 Big Sur, which was announced back in June 2020 and now comes with a completely new redesigned layout and features. The new system update is hailed to be Apple’s biggest design change in 20 years, so it’s no wonder so many Mac users around the world are eager to adopt the new update on their devices as soon as possible. The brand new Big Sur update also referred to as macOS 11.0, is a drastic change from the previous iterations of the macOS and in considerable ways. As a result, we thought it best that we dive into the system’s various number of brand new functionality improvements, compatibility, features, benefits, and more; to help you better understand what’s in it for you.[ long cable usb c hub]

So What’s New?

The first thing that is blatantly obvious with the new update is how it looks extremely different from the past macOS X designs we’ve seen over the past years. It is a complete overhaul in terms of design and can be considered Apple’s biggest and boldest change since the OS’s first released about 2 decades ago. Other design changes include:

A brand new Control Center, that provides quick access as well as Dark Mode and easier music functionality.

A new sidebar and toolbar that allows you to switch between multiple tasks and devices much easier. For instance, if you have eg. an external 4k 60hz USB c hub connected, you can carry out tasks between separate devices much more easily now.

Customizable widgets and notifications to better improve the viewing

Translucent Dock icons and menu bar

More Rounded Edges Across Display Windows. 

Besides these new changes, Apple has also redesigned the macOS system sounds, by bringing back the classic startup chime that was changed in 2016, so for those classic Mac enthusiasts this is a nostalgic, wholesome and welcome return. Moreover, Apple states that they have reduced the system’s “visual complexity” allowing users to better focus on content, and as a result, it feels very similar to using iOS now, so with this Apple seems to be bringing out a level of consistency across their Apple devices.

Safari Browser Upgrade 

For years, Google Chrome has been the superior browsing application for the majority of Mac users, performing at a much more stable and faster rate in comparison to Apple’s native Safari browser. However, with this new Mac update, Apple has completely changed the playing field and upgraded its browser with a new level of privacy, design, performance as well as translation improvements. Moreover, the browser is now more customizable than ever and the best part is, the new Safari is now 50% faster than Google Chrome, which officially makes it the fastest browser in the world!

Besides that, you can check out some of the browser’s new features below:

Customizable start page. Much like Chrome, you can now personalize your background picture for your start page.

Tab preview. You can now get a quick page preview on as many tabs as you have open, by simply hovering your mouse over it.

New extensions. The Mac App Store will now offer a dedicated area for Safari extensions to add to your browser and improve your personal experience.

Improved Language translation. It is now extremely easy to translate any web page into seven different languages.

Privacy Improvements. Safari will now further secure your private browsing experience by blocking cross-site trackers across any site.

New Changes To The Messages App

The new messaging app on Big Sur is a lot handier as compared to previous systems, as it includes a newly improved search bar that makes it easier to find content across all your conversations. It also comes with inline group chat replies and allows you to now pin conversations at the top of the list. Plus, there are more memes, emojis, GIF’s, and images on the way to better improve and spice up your texting etiquette.

New Maps Update

The new Big Sur upgrade also shift things around with the new Maps update

with a brand new feature called Guides, which offers up a list of places you can visit in any town or city. It also offers better navigation and provides new cycling and electric car routes.

Other Updates and Improvements:

Improved AirPods Experience

Improved Photo Editing 

Smarter Siri.

HomeKit Secure Video upgrade.

Which Devices Are Compatible With The New OS? 

The compatible devices include any MacBook Pro or Air from 2013, Mac Mini from 2014 and iMac from 2014. If you don’t remember what model your device is, you can find out by heading to the ‘About This Mac’ section at the top of your menu bar.


That pretty much summarises everything you need to know about the new software upgrade. If you now feel the need to upgrade your Mac, keep in mind that much like any other previous Apple software update, Big Sur 11 will require a good deal of storage space and it’s pretty common that whenever users have problems installing, it comes down to not having enough space available. The new Big Sur update will need about 15GB of free storage space and we also recommend creating a data backup before installing it. In this regard, if you need to connect any external hard drives or devices to accomplish this, we recommend using one of these usb c hub MacBook pro devices for faster and more reliable data transfer.[ macbook accesories]

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