Why Educating the Masses is More Important than A Vaccine

Educating the masses against COVID-19 is not necessary but it is a challenging thing as well. Make efforts for the preparation of vaccines, that a priority. But in the meantime, governmental efforts are also mandated to make the efforts for stopping the misinformation at best.

Sources for Efficacious Engagement.

The officials are the ones that are having a lot on their plates about COVID-19 in the contemporary situation. Are the masses having that much information? More importantly, are the masses having that much authentic and verified information in the best means possible? Sadly but no. The engagement of the resource with authentic information needs to engage and collaborate with masses with unverified information on the sources. That engagement between the efficacious resources on COVID-19 and the public and the masses can decrease the challenges of misinformation that all the governments in the world are very badly facing. Due to fear of falsified news and misinformation, governments are launching large scale production of masks, Safety Eyewear Programs, production units of Ventilators, and other protective programs. So that the governments are timely ready to curb the challenges. Otherwise, the possibilities are very clear in this regard. Each possibility points towards the tremendous human loss.

Veracity & Authenticity of Information.

The biggest challenge today for governments in the world is to face and find the veracity of the information being conveyed on COVID-19. It doesn’t all rest under the responsibilities of the United Nations and other global institutes. It also rests under the responsibilities of the government institutes to check the veracity of the information being projected on their local electronic media. Governmental institutes are also responsible to check the veracity of the information being projected on the social media platforms at local levels. Otherwise, the aspect of misinformation is as lethal for the audience as is the COVID-19 itself. The falsified projections are very dangerous and very lethal to global efforts on catering COVID-19.

Role of the United Nations.

What possible role should the United Nations incur to not just combat the COVID-19 but combat the issue of misinformation in the best means possible? This issue is creating the possibilities of the wrong perception about COVID-19 in the minds of the masses. That can tremendously increase the case in the world. Though, the United Nations has taken a very bold and very responsible approach to this. Their approach has been categorized into two main objectives. Well, the foremost objective of the United Nations is to hold regular Press Conferences for presenting authentic facts and figures about COVID-19. They are conducting these sessions of Press Conferences with authenticated and verified information from government resources of various countries. The second objective of these briefs is the Education of the Masses so that the masses can take a very efficacious approach against COVID-19. Not just the masses, the manufacturing, and production units are following these precautions as well. Large scale production of masks, sanitizers, Industrial Eyes Safety Eyewear Program, and protective suits are also part of this drive. Everyone is following and contributing to this cause for humanity’s betterment.

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