Why is Immigration Law Important?

Immigration Law has been one of the most complex of all laws made by the federal government. The law pre-determines who is qualified to enter the port of entry of a country and the immigrant’s length of stay. Given that the law itself can appear on a case-to-case basis, immigration lawyers battle its complexity regularly. 

There are several factors why Immigration Law still stands tall today. The law keeps the country safe and secured from national threats, violence, and various artificial disasters. To fully grasp how vital Immigration Law and immigration lawyers in today’s generation, here are some details you should know. 

National Ground Rules

As for rules and regulations at your home, school, or organization, a country is subject to have a set of policies as well. The law also includes the power to hold immigrants in detention if there are records of an overextended stay or illegal documentation resulting in removal proceedings. 

Green Card Aspirants

There are a lot of immigrants who have family members residing in the United States. Under the immigration law lies the process of naturalization or becoming a lawful permanent resident, a Green Card holder, which can benefit a whole family to be united together and generally make a living. The Green Card is only available for immediate relatives of a U.S. citizen. These primary relatives can either be your spouse, parents (provided you are 21 years old and above), and single children under 21 years old. 

Most of the time, immigration lawyers get Green Card applicants to have an immediate relative in the country. Since Green Card is a visa petition, it would often take a few weeks to receive a reply from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). However, it would be less of a burden if there are any immigration attorneys to assist you during the whole process.

Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Contrary to popular belief, immigration law is not all about foreigners, tourists, or exchange students in and out of the country. Moreover, the law had recently been on a surge of asylum applicants who fear returning home to their homeland. Asylum has been one of the many reasons why Immigration Law is essential, especially in the judgment of asylum grants. 

Through immigration law, asylum seekers or refugees may find the safety and security they need that they can’t seem to have back home. To be qualified as an asylee, there must be evidence that your unwillingness to return to your country is due to threats involving your race, nationality, gender, ethnicity, political opinions, and other non-modifiable factors. 


Overall, immigration law is an essential policy to control and protect the United States citizens and cater to foreign entities as well. It is a law that helps two sides of the coin regardless of nationality. As important as the law, immigration lawyers are also crucial in assuring that you are assisted towards your respective rights and cases.

Immigration Law covers a wide range of cases, and most of its types require an immigration lawyer. Let us know how we may extend our assistance. You may visit the website (https://www.rubypowerslaw.com/) or call us at (713) 589 – 2085 to schedule a consultation.

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