Why You Should Opt For Xamarin To Build Cross-Platform Apps

Xamarin is an open-source framework for developing cross-platform apps. Xamarin has a C# shared database, with tools that help you write Native Android, iOS and Windows apps. It also provides developers with native user interfaces, the ability to share code across all .NET platforms, access to all native APIs as well as leverage existing libraries. 

There are many Xamarin App Development Companies that help various businesses in developing flawless cross-platform native mobile applications. The main reasons behind the increasing popularity of Xamarin for mobile app development, some of which include – 


  • Completely Native 


Xamarin apps are fully native and this is considered as one of the key selling features of Xamarin. In addition to this, users get the benefit of experiencing great native performance in the course of running the application. Also, they can create and utilize the available native user interface control and get access to the native iOS and Android APIs from C#. Hence, you can use syntax with which you are familiar, including features like LINQ, Parallel Task Library and Generics. 


  • Productive Development Environment 


The main highlight of Xamarin is its wide use of C# and its conversion of the existing iOS and Android SDK to C#. This has been done primarily for letting developers code in a language which they are familiar with and also for giving them access to any Android and iOS API in C#. Moreover, there is a reduced need for remembering syntax when C# is used on both platforms. 

Xamarin also offers visual studio that is a great IDE widely used for developing applications. Visual studio is a code editor used for building and debugging web and cloud applications. Some benefits of visual studio that increase efficiency while editing code includes easy source management, new add-ins, keyboard shortcuts, code completion tools like Intellisense and refactoring operations like Extract Method and Extract Variable. 


  • Maximized Code Sharing 


.NET framework and runtime on Xamarin are run natively across Android, macOS and iOS platforms. This makes Xamarin app development similar to the logic that is used behind running a desktop app or web app, thereby making .NET the perfect platform for building almost anything. 

Next is building the UI for which original native methods can be used or even Xamarin.Forms. UI for several platforms can be built in one shot with the help of Forms. The best part is that developers are allowed to share all the code that is being written with the help of Xamarin.Forms. 


  • End-to-end integration 


With the help of Xamarin, developers are assured of seamless integration and so there is freedom to use any integration that is available. Azure Pipelines can be used for automatically building Xamarin apps on the Android and iOS platforms. Moreover Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android solutions can be built with App Center from GitHub, Bitbucket and Azure DevOps.


  • Open-source platform 


Xamarin has been made free by Microsoft in the community edition of Visual Studio and many components have been outsourced. Each and every SDK and library are open-sourced under MIT including Xamarin.Forms, core SDKs, Xamarin.Essentials and the runtime. 

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